Wine Cellar

Our list favorite wines are those from our land, Sardinia.

RED WINE: nice selection of Sadinian grapes, some are delicious with our fish specialities too. Greatest red wines from Tuscany and selected grapes from all over Italy.

WHITE WINE: nice selection of Sardinian Wine, especially of the most famous vermentino, greatest wines from Friuli and from all over Italy. Nice selection of French Wine.

SPUMANTE AND CHAMPAGNE: from Prosecco, to Franciacorta, to Trento doc, selection of French champagne, also from the top labels, like Champagne.

SPIRITS AND LIQUEURS: good choice of Scottish and Irish whisky, also special reserve. Good selection of rum and special reserve rum ( v. o. – x. o. ).

Cognac, armagnac, Spanish brandy. Amari and homemade spirits (mirto ,limoncino e rosolio).

Dinner Gift Certificate

Come to our restaurant to select a custom tasting menu and receive a voucher, as a gift dinner for whoever you want.

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